Low voltage Switchboard




Sheet steel

Normal RAL 7035, Special RAL 7032

43 to 65

Niroosazeh Parand designs and manufacture Low Voltage Switchboard. We manufacture our products based on international valid standards. We provide a possibility to designs and manufacture customer-specific Low Voltage Switchboard solution from early stage specification, created together with you, through prototypes to batch delivery due to technical engineering Knowledge, expert staffs, and last machinery technology

NirosazehParand Company has included a complete set of LV panel products in fixed and sliding models in its product line, which are designed and produced according to international standards and under valid domestic certifications.
According to the technical knowledge of engineering and using the latest technology in the world, it is possible to design and produce this product customized and based on customer needs.
LV panels are electrical panels that are below the voltage level below v1000.
The rated voltage of LV switchboards is usually v690 and the service voltage is up to v400.
According to IEC60439-1, LV panels are a combination of one or more switching devices, low voltage, protection equipment, control equipment and instruments, indicators and…

1. Industrial electricity distribution panel that is used in industrial units to distribute network electricity.
2. Residential electricity distribution board that is used in residential units to distribute network electricity.
3. Capacitor bank switchboards that use this switchboard to correct the power consumption factor and to reduce the amount and amount of power consumption.
4. Motor control panel (MCC) that uses this panel to control and start electric motors.
5. Electrical control panel (PLC) which is used for automatic control of electrical circuits.