Design of electrical and control systems and instrumentation

Today, industrial automation and instrumentation are widely used in various industries and industrial processes. Process control and instrumentation is a complex process that is used in industries such as oil, gas, petrochemical, food industry, automotive, etc. and require very precise and sensitive control equipment. It should be noted that these equipments do not increase the efficiency by themselves, and if designed and implemented with great expertise, they will have the most optimal response. Nirosazeh Parand Company, by having the sources of supplying internal and external control equipment, experienced specialists and knowledgeable up to date with the world, has the ability to provide technical items, provide advice and perform advanced industrial control projects, which are described below.

Fault Tolerance Controller

Control and instrumentation: The special attention of industry and researchers to troubleshooting has received much attention in recent years; In such a way that errors in various components of such systems can cause a drop in performance and even instability. Sensor failure or failure, actuator failure or performance failure, and failure of internal process components can be among the causes of errors in control systems. Today, the design of controllers that can detect such errors in the system and maintain the stability and performance of the system in the presence of errors is in the focus of control experts. These types of controllers are called fault tolerant controllers or FTC for short.

Industrial process monitoring

Controls and instrumentation

Monitoring is collecting the desired information from different parts of an industrial unit and displaying them in the desired format to achieve the following goals:

Display the current status

of each of the machines and devices


Display and record important

and vital parameters of a system


Displaying and recording

different alarms in times of system errors



of production processes using appropriate graphic tools


The possibility

of changing some control processes through the monitoring program


Displaying the location

of the fault and the time of the fault in each of the system components


Changing and modifying

the Set Points during the execution of the production process


Registration of information

and parameters desired by managers such as operating times, production rate, amount of raw materials consumed, amount of energy consumed and…